How big are the cabins for crew on cruise ships?

This is something I get asked regularly from family and friends from around the world and trust me, when I tell them just how small my room is, they either don’t believe me or are shocked at just how crazy I really am.

Shared bunk beds:

Yep you read that correctly. If you are signing on as crew you will be placed in a shared cabin with someone who could be from anywhere in the world. So far I have had my band mate from Australia (that was fun), Juan (not sure where from…) and my current roommate Johan from The Dominican Republic. Don’t get any funny ideas, the cabins are gender specific so unless you’re a fan of your own gender, you ain’t going to get any booty from your roomie.

Best Case Scenario:

If you’re a manager (e.g. Music Director), in a registered relationship (Married or living together on land/company approved) or a feature singer, then you will get a larger private room with a double bed. These ain’t huge, but they are heavenly compared to the rest of the crew.

Worse Case Scenario:

I’ve been lucky with my ships and roommates, but my current roommate has worked on the “Empress of the Seas” where in the same size room we’re in now held up to four people. It’s not just the size but the gamble of what crazy person you will be rooming with and for how long…and the smell.

Tips and tricks:

You can opt for cabin changes if your roommate and you are not compatible e.g.: Shift times, snoring etc BUT this doesn’t always go smoothly and you may even end up with someone worse. So know when to pick your battles and where your boundaries are. Pack lightly and only bring shoes that you will need. The space is tiny and chances are you will buy anything you don’t have when you’re in port. If you’re picky about bedding, bring your own blanket and sheets as the one provided are not always great. Particularly if your roommate likes the aircon on and you get cold easily.

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