Cruise Ship Sex

Do people just have sex with everyone on a cruise ship?

Yep it’s true. In between our shifts the hallways are cleared as the crew get down. We call it “resting hours”, (….if you’re holding your breath keep dreaming)

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories and read various things online regarding the mischievous activities that occur on board cruise ships. Now I can only speak on behalf of my experiences with Royal Caribbean but I can confidently state “sleeping around isn’t as popular as it is in the movies and it doesn’t happen as much as you think”. Now, I am not saying it doesn’t happen. Cause it does (more on this later) But I can clear up the “Utopian” imagery where this lifestyle is 10% work, 10% beach and 80% sex. It’s just not true.

There is a strict “No intimacy with guests” policy where you are not allowed to kiss and even have to be careful when you have been politely affectionate towards any guest. Basically the guest has the power to get you fired with a simple accusation, so it’s strongly advised not to mingle with any guest with whom you have no prior relationship with. Some of these people are waiting for a target to use in order to sue the company for their own personal gain.

This leaves you with the crew. Now on paper this seems less fortunate but with 1200 + crew members from all around the world (depending on what ship you’re on), if you’re not getting any, then I suggest you do some thorough self refection. You’ve got an abundance of people/cultures to choose from in the same situation….living on a ship for 6+ months. Now before you summon your best wit and groom yourself silly, let me reiterate my previous statement, “sleeping around isn’t as popular as it is in the movies, and it doesn’t happen as much as you think”.

Now of course this is a subjective matter but in all honestly, people are smart and if you are sleeping around going for the “kill numbers”, it will be written all over your body language. Eventually this gets a little predictable and boring – and nothing is more unattractive than predictable. Anyway if kills is what you’re after, you can totally find people up for that on board (it’s a numbers game really), but keep in mind both you and your lovers will not disappear when your activities end. You live, work, eat and sleep in the same location, day after day.

Final thoughts: Deep down your attempt to climb your “kills” score (or however you wish to say “fuck as many people as you can”) is really an attempt to fill a void that is ultimately a game you can’t win. The number will never be enough and you will eventually realise you have wasted precious time believing the amount of sex you have with various people = success and fulfillment.  Just like expecting money to fill that void, it will not change you within. Thus you take that void with you everywhere. Every country, every conversation and every thought.

So I suggest investigating that void and learning what it truly requires and not aimlessly fulfilling desires. So if you’re single and looking to meet new people from all around the world, by all means come on a ship. It’s a perfect place to be single. But remember, life on a ship is very different to life on land….you have been warned.

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